who we are

The Huntingdon Church of Christ is a group of imperfect people bound together by our love for God and our commitment to his word. 

We believe the greatest joy that can be experienced in this life is found in following Jesus. We are trying to live out the mission of Jesus in this community. We confess our weaknesses and faults, and believe that we are sinners saved by the grace of God, through the sacrifice of his son Jesus. Our mission is to connect people with Jesus. We want everyone to see how lavishly they are loved by God. We are committed to learning together how to go through life with our eyes fixed on him. 

Perhaps your visit leaves you with questions - about God, about yourself, or about this group of people. We invite those questions, and promise to open the Bible together with you in honestly searching for answers. 

what to expect

A warm welcome:

You will be met as you come in the building by someone who recognized you as a visitor. If we miss you, please know that we aren’t trying to ignore you.

Acapella singing:

If it will be your first time here, or if it’s your first visit to a congregation of the Church of Christ, the absence of any musical instruments may be one of the first things you notice. The only worship music you will hear is that produced by our voices. We also don’t have a choir, or any special solos. We encourage everyone present to participate in the singing as a spiritual offering to the Lord. Feel free to join in on any songs you know. The words (and usually the 4-part arrangement) will be projected on the large screens in the front.

Group prayer:

At designated times during our gathering, individuals will lead us in prayer. They will express our love for God, our concerns and requests, and our thanksgiving in their own words. Typically, our worship doesn’t include any recited prayers or responsive readings.

Bible-based Preaching

While the subject matter will vary from week to week, you can expect sermons to be rooted in scripture. During the preaching, you will see slides with words or images that complement the message. You might see a visual aid or a video used as an illustration, as well. Messages are intended to be understandable, practical, and theologically honest.


As a church, we participate in the Lord’s Supper every Sunday. Much more than bread and wine, we believe these things connect us to each other, to all believers past and present, and to the body and blood of Jesus, himself. Participation in this part of the service is left to the discretion of each individual, based on their own relationship with Jesus.


Each week, members give financially to support the ongoing work of the congregation (including local and foreign mission efforts, benevolence, staff salaries, and facilities/operations costs). While all donations are accepted, guests are not expected to participate in the offering.