The Huntingdon Church of Christ is a group of broken people healed by a perfect God spreading His good news.




passionate worship

We believe in a God who delights in our praise. Jesus is the maximum expression of God’s love, which is why our gatherings are focused on connecting with him. Through worship we are able to connect to the God who heals, loves, and redeems us. 


deep relationships

 Connecting with Jesus isn’t the only way to experience God’s love. We also experience it by connecting with one another through authentic relationships. We want everyone to feel that they are a part of our community and to find the acceptance, friendship, and family they need.


active serving

 Jesus was known as a healer, teacher, friend, and brother. In our community here in Huntingdon we look to be a beacon of Jesus' love through our acts of service. No man women or child should feel unloved so we make it a priority to serve others as Jesus served us.