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The Huntingdon Church of Christ has a rich history, both past and present.  The Church has a strong, united and dedicated body of believers who have made their presense known for of the cause of Christ locally and around the world.

Early records indicate the church in Huntingdon TN was established in January 1874 with 7 members.  By the end of the year, the church had grown to 19 members and a worship building was almost complete on East Main Street.  

A 1951 directory shows E Claude Gardner as the evangelist.  Brother Gardner came from Freed-Hardeman College each Sunday and served the church in Huntingdon from 1949 through 1952.

Brother E. Lacy Porter was the first located preacher who served from 1952 until 1954.  In January 1955, Brother O. H. Hogue served as the second preacher from January 1955 until his tragic death in May 1956.  Brother Jimmy R. Powell served from September 1956 until November 1959.  The fourth recorded preacher was Brother B. F. Haynie, Jr. who served from February 1960 until January 1963.  

In May 1963, Brother E. C. Meadows began his work with the Huntingdon church until February 1970.  During his time with the church, 11.2 acres of land was purchased at the intersection of Highway 70 and 70A, with the purpose of building a new church building, to accommodate the Church's rapid growth.  The building was completed in December 1966 and dedication services was held on December 18, 1966 with around 700 in attendence.

Brother William N. Jackson worked as the preacher from May 1970 through early 1974.  In August 1974, Brother Wader K. Novak began his ministry until mid 1984.  Brother Dan Winkler joined as preacher in August 1984 and accompanied by Len O'Bryant as Youth Minister and Song Leader in March 1986.  Brother Winkler left in September 1988 and was followed by Don Readhimer in December 1988.

The church supported many missions during this time, including work in Jerusalem, the Ivory Coast of Africa, India and Pakistan, Austria and Australia along with support of new churches in Covington, Georgia; Clyde, North Carolina, Campton, Kentucky and Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Brother William (Bill) Goodpasture served as minister from May 1995 until 2004.  

Brother Dan Winkler returned and led the church from 2004 until January 2019 where he welcomed church members each Sunday to "the best place to be on the best day of the week."

Brother Tim Parrish worked with the church from 2019 until 2021.


The current preaching minister is Chris King, along with Brooks Jackson, serving as Youth Minister and Song Leader.

The Huntingdon Church of Christ, as mentioned, has a rich history while the members have a spirit of love, cooperation and dedication that will carry forward to great works for the cause of Christ and His Kingdom.

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