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2024 Eclipse

If you are reading this, the eclipse is over, and you survived. People seem to get crazy about things, and with social media every crazy person has a stage. One lesson we might learn from this is that just because it is on the internet does not mean it is true.


Another lesson I want to think about is, how do we know when an eclipse is going to occur? You can actually look up when and where the next solar eclipse will happen, and you can see that information for years to come. How? Because of the order of our universe. We can predict where the earth and moon will be as they rotate around the sun because of the course they have been set on. How did they get set on this path? How did they get this order? It is like they were designed. They were, and design demands a designer. I think this is just another proof for the existence of God. Psalm 19:1 says, “The heavens are telling the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.”


I was reminded of another lesson when I saw Renee Miller’s post on Facebook about people being without glasses and unprepared to view the eclipse. I am that person. I have known for a while that the eclipse was going to happen but did not think it to be a big deal. It seems I was wrong. The kids seem to want to look at it, and so we began a search for those elusive glasses. To no avail. (Do not feel bad for us; we got to see one a few years ago in Sevierville, TN.) As we scurried about trying to find some glasses, my thoughts turned to Matthew 25:1-13. I feel like a foolish virgin who was unprepared, and now there is nothing I can do. It is one thing to be unprepared for an eclipse but a real problem to be unprepared for the Lord’s return.


The creator of this world is coming back. Are you ready?


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