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A House Divided

"Next to the wicked lives of men, nothing is so great a disparagement and weakening to religion as the divisions of Christians." — John Tillotson

There is no doubt that sin is a great challenger of the truth of God’s church, but the quote says our divisions are also a huge problem for us. Do you think that is true?

Let me propose a scenario for you. A fellow here in town decides he wants to follow and obey God. So he asks one of his family members, and they tell him something that sounds good so he decides to do what they have said. But before he does, he tells another family member what he is about to do only to find out that they tell him something different. Confused, he asks other family members what to do. He receives various answers which agree and disagree with things he has already been told. Even more confused, he asks some trusted friends who give other answers. Thinking surely the preachers in town could give him a clear answer, he goes to them, but to his dismay they all give various answers. What is a fellow supposed to do? I do not think this scenario is too far-fetched. I could see it happening here in our community. Hopefully, this fellow will not give up because of confusion and will go back to what the Bible says. Because ultimately we will be judged by the Bible and not men’s opinions.

I believe there should be some shame on us. We have become content with religious division in our world. Paul, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, was not content with religious division when he penned 1 Corinthians chapter one verses ten through thirteen. Some were claiming to be of this person and some of another person. Paul asked, “Was Christ divided?” He called them out of division into unity. That can be tough because we must leave our opinions, likes, and desires and return to scripture for unity with God and His people.Too often, we like to bind our opinion and loose God’s Word, and that is the opposite of what we should be doing.


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