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Building the Perfect Father

If you could build the perfect father, what would you use? You might say you have the perfect father, and I am sure you think you do. I hope you let Him know. Most of us fathers realize we have strengths and weaknesses. So if we build the best dad from the strengths of Bible characters, what might we use?

I might wish he had the wisdom of Proverbs which is probably mostly written by Solomon. Proverbs seems like a father sitting his son down and teaching him about life. That is one of the the pieces of advice the book gives us (Proverbs 22:6).

I would give him the desire that Job had for his children to be right with God. Job 1:5 says that Job would offer sacrifices for his children.

I would want him to be a friend of God like Abraham was (James 2:23). Your dad might have a lot of great friends, but I can think of none better than God.

I would want him to have the love for the mother of his children that Joseph had for Mary. Joseph was going to put her away quietly when she came up pregnant. He was a good man, but God told him no. So he endured what I imagine was shunning and mocking by taking are of his soon-to-be wife and God's son (Matthew 1-2).

He would need the forgiveness of the Prodigal Father. Children are not perfect, and they make mistakes. We all do, even parents. What a beautiful picture of God's forgiveness we see in Luke 15:11-32.

How about the faith of Noah who was willing to step out and obey God by being a man of faith who displayed that faith by building an ark in a wicked world (Genesis 6-9)?

When you make a list like this, no one can match up because we are taking the best of these men who all had feet of clay. In fact the Bible records many of their mistakes. But these are areas that we can grow in, and I hope we will accept that challenge.


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