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Church Reset

A common phrase we say each week is that “We are going to Church”.   What does that phrase mean to us?   Is it simply an address of a building located in Huntingdon, TN where people get together a few times a week, sing a few songs, say a couple of prayers, take communion, hear a sermon, donate funds, and then repeat the following week?   Is it just another event to attend in our already busy schedules?    Or should it be more?  What was the church that was designed by Christ that would be known as His bride?   What did Jesus mean in Mark 10:29-30 when he was speaking to Peter about those who would forsake their own and follow him would receive hundred-fold?  God’s design is for so much more than just a meeting place for his followers.

Starting Jan 7 at 9AM, we will be studying a book called Church Reset (by Jack Wilkie) In the Lady’s class and the Adult Hallway class for the next quarter.    We invite you to join us as we study and discuss together how we can be so much more.          


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