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Day 3 - Divide and Conquer by the group

Updated: Jun 23

Anyone knows the more people you have and the more you divide up the tasks things will get accomplished. Day 3 was divide and conquer day and our team was divided into 3 work groups.

Will Myhan and several others, including Lyndsay, were sent to a youth day in the city of Bulawayo, which is the city where we are staying. There were over 65 young people who attended and it was a blessing to have them come and be a part of a youth gathering. A Bible devotional was held, games of all kinds were played, the beautiful singing of the youth group was a highlight, and lunch was provided. It was a successful, engaging day for them.

Several of the men of the group conducted a men’s lectureship at the City Center there in Bulawayo and it was such a beneficial and encouraging day fir the men that came from several different areas of Zimbabwe.

I had the privilege of teaching at a ladies day we had at the house. The ladies from different churches in the area came and me and three other ladies in my group taught classes and had several fun craft projects ready for them. We served them lunch and also listened to them sing their beautiful songs in their language. It was so uplifting to listen to the singing. Some of the young mothers had their babies with them and it was such a good day. Just talking with them and finding out about their lives and exchanging information about their families was relaxing and good for all of us, both our group and the African ladies. One mother said she was so happy to get out of the house and bring her small child with her and enjoy the day fellowshipping with other Christian women. It was truly so much fun to meet them, teach them, and let them know we love them.

The day was spent uplifting and encouraging others in 3 different ways by dividing our group up and conquering and it proved to be uplifting to us all.


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