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Day 6 - Amazon School Teaching

Leaving at 6:30 am to get to the school to start at 8:15. It is always a special drive because you can watch the sunrise as you travel along and it is beautiful. What is confusing is that the vehicles drive on the left side of the road and sometimes I forget and think, oh no we are driving on the wrong side of the road!!

I was excited to again be in the new computer lab with the students and computers that so many people have contributed to. Your monetary donations has given these high school students so much more potential and so much more hope for what is ahead. A lot of these students are smart and just need resources to build on.

The first day was just teaching the students how to basically turn on the computer, log in, maneuver and learn the keyboard keys and touchpad and learn some basic terminology. A lot of them have never touched a computer or even seen one. Today I was teaching an overview of Microsoft Word and had them typing so they could utilize the formatting and begin to be familiar with how to type documents. I would go around looking at their computer screens to check their work and they could type an sentence they wanted to format and I was touched because a lot of them had a sentence similary to: "I want to thank Ms Ginger and US for the computers and for teaching us." You talking about humbled, I was definitely humbled. They could have chosen anything to type about and it was like I was reading notes form them in a sentence. That was evidence of their respect they have been taught and the gratefulness of their heart.

I want any of you who donated to the computers to know that those children truly are thankful and I have witnessed that the monies have been spent on the computer lab. 28 computers, solar panels to run the electricity and some electrical equipment.

I was so humbled to watch the students open those computer boxes and to actually teach the first classes of computer in their new computer lab. Of course, these kids are like mine in my classroom in the US. I have candy for them at the end of class and they LOVE it!! Their words, since I say ya'll so much was "thank ya'll"!


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