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Family Reunion

Do you remember family reunions? Maybe a better question is, have you ever been to a family reunion? I remember as a kid it seemed like every year we would go to family reunions. My mother’s people met on the banks of Yellow Creek, and it seemed my dad’s people met near the South Harpeth River. My memories of these events involved a lot of people. Some I knew well and some I did not, but they were connected to me. There was usually lots of food, and most people would find something to do. That might be sitting around talking or, for us kids, some kind of game.


It makes me think about heaven. The song “God’s Family” kind of does the same thing for me. What a reunion there will be in heaven! To see again some of those who are most dear to us in this life. To meet those we have never met before but who are a part of our family, the family of Christ. To meet those who were instrumental in me having the faith I have. But ultimately to be in the presence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Revelation 21).


I do not believe there will be fried chicken, deviled eggs, and Coke in heaven like at those reunions, but Revelation 22:1-3 does say there will be a river of the water of life and the tree of life bearing twelve kinds of fruit. It seems we will not be involved in frivolous activities but in the greatest of activities, and that is serving God. What a beautiful thought of serving God in His presence!


I realize for some reunions have fallen out of favor. That is why I asked at the beginning of this article if you had even been to one. The family reunion that will occur in heaven after the day of judgment is one that you will not want to miss. I can promise you that. To enjoy that reunion, you must be prepared and ready. Are you a part of the family that is on its way home?


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