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Passing the Lord's Supper

I appreciate the elder having the Lord's Supper passed around. I think that COVID unintentionally hurt the Lord's Supper. I mean by that statement that at first churches were not meeting so everyone was taking the Lord's Supper from home. Then we were scared of passing COVID to each other so we did not want to pass the Lord's Supper. Since we were not passing the Lord's Supper, we cut that time out of our services. That, in turn, cut my reflection time way down. Someone might say, "What do you mean by reflection time?"

When we come together to take the Lord's Supper, it is not just a time to check off the face that we have taken unleavened bread and fruit of the vine but a time for us to reflect. 1 Corinthians 11:28 calls me to reflect or examine myself (23-26(. One of the way i examine myself is by looking back to what Jesus did on the cross. As i take the bread, I remember His body as it hung on the cross, and as i Partake of the fruit of the vine, I remember the blood that was shed for me. I am hopefully grateful for that great sacrifice and want to live to hone that sacrifice. So I examine my life: is it glorifying God? I am also reminded that Jesus is coming back (26). Am I living a life that reflects the fact that Jesus could come at any moment?

I am thankful for those men that get up before the Supper and try to focus our minds on what has happened and what is about to happen. It should be a very special and important time in our week. Not a time to text, balance our checkbook, or clip our finger nails. But a time to pause, strive to put other things out of our minds, and focus on our relationship with jesus. This will hopefully set the stage for the rest of my week. So i am thankful for a little more time during the Lord's Supper to refl

ect. I hope you are also.

- Chris


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