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Watching Worship

What do you like to watch? Maybe you enjoy going to a sporting event, a play, or a concert. Maybe you enjoy watching T.V. or a parade. A lot of our world has turned into spectators. Has our worship turned into a spectator sport? I ask that question because some people, it seems, come to watch worship. When opportunities come about to participate, they simply pass and watch someone else. Then they might throw their five dollars in the plate and move to the next event.

Let’s talk about one of the most obvious examples of this mentality. Singing is one of those things that we justify not doing because we do not have a “pretty” voice. We are blessed with some good song leaders; I will just throw my five dollars in, and they can sing for me. Not singing is in direct violation of God’s commandments (Colossians 3:16; Ephesians 5:19). Justifying not singing because of the “sound” of your voice just does not fly. If God were not pleased with the way your voice sounds, He could have made it another way.

Does watching someone cook or eat feed us? Is my belly any less empty after watching a cooking show? You know the answer. How can I feed my spiritual appetite by just being a spectator? I need to be active in Bible class by being prepared as much as possible before coming to class and by actively participating in class. The sermon should be the same way. I want to be actively involved in the lesson by taking notes or opening my Bible and reading along. This might help some who struggle to stay awake.

We could talk about the Lord’s Supper and really thinking about what Jesus has done for us and about our relationship to Him instead of figuring out what we are eating for lunch. In prayer, we need to be focused on what is being said and if we are in agreement. Worship is not a spectator sport. I hope you will come participate with us at the next opportunity.


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