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Zimbabwe - 2 Day Travel and Day 1

Updated: Jun 23

We are all God’s people and He loves us all. We are to help each other since we are told from the scriptures to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Last summer when I went on a mission trip to Zimbabwe I experienced so much love and service to others and I gained love right back. I know the people were appreciative of our help. But, when I visited a rural high school I realized that they were learning computer out of a book. So this year, along with my mission to help others and feed children and families physically, spiritually, and educationally I left the US on Tuesday, June 18 and traveled 2 days (3 flights - around 18 or so hours) before arriving in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

After grocery shopping to get water and snacks and food for the house we had a meeting together to receive our specific duties and what we were to do each day while here. We made sandwiches and cut out crafts for the children in the village we were going to the next day. After the long flights, we settled in for the night because the next day we hit the road running and were to be up and ready to go at 6 am to travel to the Guanda area and a village called Dema. I am so glad to be here and so thankful to all who made Computers4Zimbabwe possible for the children. I will teach in the rural high school beginning on Monday with the computers so many helped to purchase.


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