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Flying in a V

My family and I were talking last week about what my article would be this week. About that time, a flock of birds flew over us. They were in the traditional “V” shape flying formation which prompted us to talk about why birds fly in a “V” shape pattern. From my understanding, the birds fly in this formation to be able to fly further distances. The “lead” bird is doing the hard work by flying first. The lead bird can create an updraft for the bird behind it causing the flock to conserve energy and fly faster. Being that lead bird is the hardest spot to be in that formation. It can be a spot that you want to quit because of the difficulties that come with that role. It is also my understanding that the reason geese “honk” is to encourage the leader to keep going. Why would I tell you all that about birds? Because I think it has application to our human leaders as well.

Leading people can be a very difficult job. Just ask Moses, Jesus, or any other leader. When you do the difficult job of leading and all you get is criticism, it can make you want to give up and quit. Unfortunately, that can be true in church work as well. The church needs good leaders like elders and deacons. We see over and over in the word of God His desire for these leaders (Ex: Timothy and Titus). Part of our responsibly to them is to “appreciate” them and to “esteem them very highly in love” (1 Thessalonians 5:12-13). 1 Timothy chapter five would teach us to consider them worthy of honor.

In our culture, October is considered pastor appreciation month. Though we do not have pastors like the denominational world, we do have pastors in the biblical sense. It would seem that the men we call elders could also be called pastors. I am not encouraging us to follow leaders away from God, but I am encouraging us to encourage godly leaders. How can you “honk” at our elders to encourage them?


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