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Manna Again?

Have you ever sat down to dinner and thanked God for His blessings and thanked the one that prepared the meal only to have someone complain that they do not like something? I have sat at a few tables like this where I have heard someone complain, or worse, I was the one that complained. How thankful am I really when I complain? It can be an easy trap to fall into.

I think about the Israelites as they wandered around the wilderness and ate the manna God sent them. No plowing or sowing, and it tasted like honey (Exodus 16:31). What was the response? They complained, wanting to go back to Egypt because they had it so much better there in their food situation. What? They cried out for over four hundred years, and now they want to go back for leeks (Numbers 11)? We are not pleased when we provide our children with what they need and more and they complain, and God was not pleased when His children complained (1 Corinthians 10:10). In fact, God does not call us to grumble but to be lights in this world (Philippians 2:14-15). Grumbling can cause our light to not shine for God. If we talk about how great God is and yet complain about our life, does that not send a mixed message about the greatness of God?

What is the answer? More stuff? We have so much, and yet we complain. How many times have we thought, “If I just get this one thing, I will be happy,” only to find out that was not true. I think we have to get back to the fact that God is enough and learn to be content in Him (1 Timothy 6:6). The devil has done a good job getting us involved in trying to keep up with the neighbors in order to find happiness. However, if we achieve that goal, there are always more things to strive for. This world will never be enough. It was never meant to be. Enjoy the blessings God has given you, but seek Him first.


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