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I hope you are excited about Friends and Family Day. This might be your last reminder before the big day. I hope you have made plans to be here, participate and bring some folks with you. Why have a Friends and Family Day? One reason is an opportunity to invite others. I know we should not need an event to invite people, but it provides a special opportunity to invite others. That is what Jesus did. Matthew 11:28-30 and Matthew 16:24-26 are examples of Jesus inviting people to check Him out and follow Him. He did not make anyone follow but invited them to follow. That is all we can do. When we are excited about what Jesus has done in our lives and know what He can do in others' lives, we should naturally want to invite other to "come" to Him.

How can I help make this day great? I hope you are and have been praying for this effort. God is the one who give the increase. Be prepared to sit in a different place (not grudgingly). Make a little more food than your crew can eat so the visitors can have some. Be excited about being here. Go out of your way to meet people you do not know or have not seen at worship. Maybe they have been members for twenty years and you feel embarrassed, but just be glad you have brothers and sisters in the Lord and talk to them next week, also. Help visitors find common interests with others. Maybe they live near a member or their son is in the same grade as one of the youth group kids. Try introducing them to each other. Sing. Some might say those are things we should be doing every Sunday, and they would be right. Let us make a special push this Sunday, but let us be about honoring God and encouraging others every Sunday.

I am exited about our Friends and Family Day, and I hope you are as well. I hope God will bless our efforts, and He will be glorified through them. Hope to see you Sunday with your friends and family!!



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