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Responding to the Invitation

Have you ever thought about responding to the invitation? It should not be a walk of shame that is whispered or gossiped about. Yes, there may and should be shame about sin that was committed, but we are coming for forgiveness. I am thankful for those that want to be forgiven. I am reminded of Luke 15 where we see three examples of the lost being found, and they were joyous occasions (7, 10, 24). What could be more exciting than someone who wants to leave sin and put Christ on in the watery grave of baptism or someone lost in sin coming back to Jesus? I want to be a part of a church who rejoices at repentance, not one that looks down on it or gossips about it.

I have seen something beautiful lately here at Huntingdon. We have had several responses to the invitation, and people went to those who responded to sit with them and encourage them. After services, a line formed to support those that responded. Praise God, and thank you for loving and caring about people. It would be easy to say, "I do not know them very well," or "I have a lot to do today." What if you responded to the invitation and no one cared? I want to be a part of a congregation that loves each other by showing it.

I want to be a part of a congregation that does not view the invitation as a bad thing but as a way we can ask each other for prayers. It is not the only way we can ask for prayers, but it is one way. Life is tough sometimes. Health, economics, family, work, etc. can get us down, and when we try to live godly in the midst of this world, we can suffer for it (2 Timothy 3:12). How humbling to say, "I do not have it all figured out. I need prayers." What a great use of the invitation! If you need to respond, do not be scared, and if you see someone respond, go sit with them or go hug them, but make sure you pray for them.

-- Christ


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