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The Power of Water

I want to start off by saying thank you to those who checked on my family last week. We were out of town on Tuesday, May 14th. We had finished supper, and my phone began to go off. We received several phone calls and texts concerned about us because of the flooding. Being out of town, there was not much we could do, but several jumped in to help clean up. Thank you.

It reminded me of the power of water. We were close to Nashville when Middle Tennessee flooded a few years ago, went to Waverly to help clean up after the flood there, and helped with recovery work in Houston, TX after a hurricane and flooding. I have seen the power of water firsthand.


It reminds me of the power of many working together. A rain drop by itself is not very scary, but when those drops work together, they are capable of powerful things. That should be how the church works. As a single individual, I am limited by what I can do, but if we work together in God, we can be powerful. I was thinking about Ephesians 4:16 on this subject. We need you for the body to be built up and grow. It is not just hiring the right preacher to do our Christianity for us but us all as the body of Christ collectively working together for the glory of God. What can you do to build up the body of Christ?


Another thought I had was that the power of water can move you. If you have ever been in the ocean, a river, or flood, you know that water is powerful enough to move you. It made me think about baptism. Being baptized moves you from being outside of Christ to into Christ (Galatians 3:27). I do not know how it does that, but I believe it does because God said so in His word. Because I believe what the Bible says, if I want to be in Christ I am baptized into Him. Have you been baptized into Christ?


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