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Worshipping in Washington

As most of you probably know by now, the Kings went to Washington D.C. We asked Nathan where he would like to go if he had a senior trip. He picked Washington D.C. We had plans to visit D.C. a couple of years ago, but Covid hit right before we were to leave causing us to cancel our trip. I want to share some observations about our Sunday worship in D.C.

First, I realized how spoiled I am because it is so easy for me to get to the building. I have walked or taken a short drive to the building for the last 20 plus years. Though our trip was not terrible, it was more difficult. We walked about a mile to the metro (subway) and rode it to the bus terminal. Then we rode the bus to the stop and walked about another half-mile to the building. This is no praise to us. Again, it was not that difficult. I just need to be reminded and take advantage of the ease that i have in being able to get to a building to fellowship and worship God.

We were warmly welcomed. We were greeted when we entered, but more impressive to me were those who came up to us after we sat down. Most of the time when i go somewhere else, I am the visiting preacher, and people like to talk to the visiting preacher. When I go incognito, it is sometimes a much different story. It is sad how unfriendly a congregation can be. Reminder to self: seek out the visitors. I will confess it was pretty obvious that we were visitors. Our skin tone made it that way.

Which brings me to my final point. Those folks, though they live in a different part of our country and have a skin tone different than mine, are still my brothers and sisters in Christ, and Lord willing I will see them in heaven one day. Sometimes it is a blessing to get out of your routine and be reminded of some lessions.


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